Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Great Divine

Tonight I heard the voice of God
Angelic voices from within
Tonight I took a gentle hand
And was forgiven
Of my sin

Tonight I left behind
The burdens of my bodied world
To one of familiar harmony
Of peace and times of old

No more restraints
Nor existing pain
I am the stars and sky
I am your breath
As you are mine
Forever shall I fly

For life is but a stepping stone
It is our love that binds
And we shall meet
To hold one near
In the great Divine.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Eat your plate of hopelessness
Drink your glass of whine
Feed upon unflavored guilt
With loneliness you dine

Hug the empty pillow
Love the emptiness
Get your ducks all in a row
With worry and unrest

Do not allow a happy thought
Or dream an undreamt dream
Stagnate in your darkened world
Scream a silent scream

Feast upon a tasteless life
Let no flavor in
Days will pass and quickly so
And soon your life will end

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moonlight Opera

The moon lights up the water
Casting reflections
Shadows tiptoe
A water dance ballet
To the accompaniment
Of an orchestra of wind and trees
A choir of woodland creatures
Sing in harmony
A grand performance
An opera for the stars

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Follow a ribbon of colorful sky
In search of a pot of gold
Open your eyes and you may see
The treasure, the gift is
Nature’s beauty

Thursday, February 17, 2011


She shuffles around
slippers and robe
listening to the silence
of her empty life

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Spider's silk woven among the trees
Ever so delicate
Yet, intricate in design
This creation's artist
A venomous vixen
Waits for her prey
Oblivious to the beauty
She has bestowed

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Walk with me in darkness
Walk with me in sun
Take my hand
And walk with me
A new day has begun

Whisper all your sorrows
Tell me of your fears
Lay them on
My shoulders
I shall wipe your tears

I may not have the answers
Life’s rhyme a riddle be
But I will be there for you
Come and walk with me


The trees sing of
Nature's glory
In every leaf
A sacred story

Maple drops red
And paints the Earth
Softly whispers
Of leaf rebirth

I breathe in
The crispness
Of autumn’s smile
With hop in step
I walk for miles


Star light, Star bright
Kool Aide smiles
Fireflies at night
Skinned kneed miles
Unicorn dreams
Trunk full of toys
Stars and moonbeams
Childhood joys

Mysterious life
What shall tomorrow bring us
Each day a gift
To be opened with joy

I look into your eyes
The gateway to the soul
Wisdom of the ages
Lies within


Along the way
I stumble
I fall

Along the way
I stagger
I crawl

Arms are weak
Knees are raw
I pull myself up
And I stand tall
Along the way
I've loved it all

For in the darkness
And light of day
I live and I learn
Along the way

Friday, August 13, 2010


Beatrice planted
With phase of moon
Be damned her
crooked spine
Her harvest
Her salvage
She greeted
And shared
With all
She'd meet
Beatrice parted
when Moon was full
Before it
Was her time
No one mourned
Though her deeds
Were grand
Was always
With helping hand


Are the
Storms of
Self love
Be thee


He sat upon
A wood park bench
And watched some
Children play

His boy inside
Still denied
His age
Though hair
Was grey

The years
They pass so quickly
You're young and then
You're old

Memories fade
New ones made
And stories
Left untold

And in
The lonely distance
He heard
A small child sing

With tear
In eye
He breathed
A sigh
And touched
His wedding ring

He heard
A child laughing
With delight

It made him grin
And he touched
His chin
And laughed
With all
His might

Like a sonnet
Mortal soul
This day

He closed
His eyes
Said goodbye
And gently
Passed away